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Data Recovery unformat is best hard disk data recovery software, support
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2 September 2013

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DiskGetor Data Recovery is all in one data recovery tool. It supports hard drive data recovery, Disk Recovery, Data Rescue and Partition Recovery.

Features: You can recover files or directories deleted by Shift+Del or deleted in recycle bin, files lost during installation, files lost after virus scan or deleted by viruses. It recovers your lost word, excel, ppt, office document etc. from hard drive, pen drive, USB and other storage drives. With this powerful hard drive data recovery software you are just a click away from recovering your deleted, lost, damaged, formatted data from any hard drive or partition. It supports formatted files recovery from hard drive. You can also recover missing drives, suitable for recovery of lost partition, missing partition, changed hard drive partition recovery. It scans FAT and NTFS directory structure during scanning. Its high-performance algorithms for scanning engine save your a lot of time in recovery.

It supports Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba hard drive data recovery. Supports Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windowns XP, Windows 2003, Windowns VISTA. This must have tool with amazing recovery capabilities. Your job will be complete in short time with all the data recovered.

Overall: This is one of the best recovery programs I have ever used. You can recover folders and files from a hard drive that is formatted, partitioned, and reloaded with an OS and all the software.

Publisher's description

DiskGetor Data Recovery is a powerful format hard disk data recovery software, fast free scan hard disk or hard drive partition, fast recover deleted (word/excel/music/zip/pdf/video) files or recover lost data from format hard drive , lost/deleted/format/repartition/missing/Ghost raw partition or usd card ,raid disk drive. Even if you have written part of data,The Disk Data recovery software can still find its directory tree.
DiskGetor Data recovery software supports IDE/SCSI/SATA/Usb-disk.
Main funtion :
Recover deleted files :recover lost/deleted word/excel/music/zip/pdf/video(3gp,ipod,movies) files from hard disk, etc ;
Formatted recovery : support formatted data /files /hard drive /disk partition/changed partition recovery;
Missing drive recovery : recover lost data from missing/deleted partition/repatition or hard drive
Full scan and recovery : The function can auto fast scan all lost data or deleted files completely.
more function :
Hard disk drive format data recovery : support recover data from Western Digital/ Seagate/ Maxtor/ Samsung/ Hitachi/ Fujitsu/ Toshiba hard disk (IDE/SCSI/SATA/Usb-disk) ;
format Partition Recovery : lost partition /deleted partition/formatted partition /changed partition /missing patition/corrutped partition /repartition recovery ;
format Files Recovery : support word Doc / format excel /music /zip /pdf /video /photo /picture image files /cad files recovery etc ;
Welcom DNSSOFT LTD , you can visit homepage find more function and free download data recovery software new green version and free try the best disk recovery software in the world.
DiskGetor Data Recovery
DiskGetor Data Recovery
Version 3.55
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User comments

Richard Walker
It seemed to work and found my missing files. They want me to buy the software before I can recover actually them - a reasonable request. When I tried to buy it, I could not without an email account I paid for - no free email accounts allowed (yahoo, hotmail, gmail,...). I could send them a check; not really an on-line purchase anymore - might as well go to the computer store. I am not going to pay for an email account just to buy their product. They need an alternate solution to their perceived problem. I`ll find something else!
very good software for data recovery ,I recovery my lost data in short time
easy + powerful! try it !
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